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Senior BIM Manager

Glendale, CA
Date Added: October 29, 2019
We are looking for an on-site BIM Manager for our client in Glendale, CA. The BIM Project Manager role is usually someone with a degree and license in Architecture or Engineering, as well as deep technical experience in complex coordination of projects. They sit at the coordination hub to facilitate the Project Architect, Design Manager, Creative Show Producer, Construction Manager and Project Manager. Really key in our park, resort and cruise line projects. There is a lot of responsibility in that the models have to be coordinated correctly across 60 disciplines, and responsible for their accuracy and reliability. It’s an unusual position and there are few in the industry that are prepared to undertake it.

Duration:12 month(s) with potential for extension

Description:The role of Design & Construction Technologies is to drive the vision, strategy, implementation and support of our Disney Imagineers tools of the trade across the globe on the concepts, workflows and technologies of Building Information Modeling ( BIM ), Virtual Design and Construction ( VDC ), Cloud, Mobile, Emerging and Interoperability Technologies.

Reporting directly to the Design + Construction Technology Lead, the successful candidate will work directly with project facing BIM-VDC Managers. This individual will have in-depth knowledge of building information modeling and construction delivery technologies. We seek an individual that understands current BIM and VDC practice, but with a keen interest in pushing the boundaries of innovative technologies to optimize performance and delivery on large scale park and resort projects. This individual will work closely with our product development teams in the Technology Studio to bring innovation to the project production teams.
Responsibilities Work directly with the Senior Project BIM-VDC Manager to engage the project production teams in advancing technology innovations.
” Preparation and execution of BIM Project Execution Strategy
” Ensure Model-based Coordination is performed as outlined by the project strategies
” Create a model management approach for each project that allows for optimized model
performance and delivery
” Provide technical support for the project team across Show, Ride, Architectural and Engineering
” Represent the owner’s interests on all design and construction technology implementation issues
” Document lessons learned for all design and construction technology strategies deployed on the
” Ensure model performance / health, data integration and correct collaboration setups throughout
the project ecosystem
” Identify technology Best Practices throughout the project life-cycle that will bring value to projects,
developing tools as needed.
” Investigate innovative model-based processes by analyzing risk scenarios to optimize project
” Pilot new use-cases for the model inclusive to our partners for the entire lifecycle
” Communicate / visualize project delivery information back to the stakeholders
” Consult with stakeholders on implementation of BIM and VDC technologies
” Manage, develop, and maintain the 3D authoring platforms and/or modeling of the project in
multiple platforms

Mentor Project BIM-VDC Managers and Associate Project BIM-VDC Managers in best practices for successful technology engagement at the project level; lead and support all project team members to mentor expertise in modeling, data documentation, coordination and analysis
” As a leader and expert, provide technical engagement and BIM Execution Planning at the onset of all projects
” Create documented processes specific to the project BIM and VDC management strategy
” Understand the interoperability requirements of application platforms by establishing workflows for file format exchanges
” Establish project criteria / tools for tracking and resolving conflict on daily and monthly basis
” Lead the democratization of sophisticated models to become a regular consumption medium for the project to leverage in day to day operation across all disciplines
” Engage the project team to innovate and leverage advanced tools to solve project problems
” Optimize design and down-stream construction processes through the implementation of BIM and VDC concepts beyond 3D modeling and conflict resolution
” In-charge of mentoring an overall project team ( internal / external ) BIM ecosystem dynamics for the project, negotiating data-transfer, sharing, collecting and disseminating information to the team
” Must develop a thorough understanding of WDI’s complex discipline scope and the design delivery matrix and its impact on an integrated project delivery
” Recognizes the required complexity to deliver a successful model-based project and develops the right strategy for implementing an integrated delivery process using advanced methods in a highly integrated and lean project delivery framework
” Responsible for full BIM-VDC implementation on multiple projects within a portfolio or a single large project with multiple attractions
” Investigate and develop on a continuous basis, innovative methods based on extensive experience and an understanding of current trends/techniques related to building information
Basic Qualifications Minimum 5 years of advanced and progressive BIM and VDC technologies, exhibiting hands-on experience in the AEC, media and entertainment and/or manufacturing business driving the adoption
of design authoring and collaboration technology tools
” Advanced graphical, illustration and documentation skills
” Advanced knowledge implementing BIM strategies beyond 3D modeling and clash-detection to include sophisticated data management and skills assisting organizations in collecting on the benefit of optimizing design process
” Advanced skills in troubleshooting Revit modeling/visibility problems
” Advanced understanding of BIM360 and Navisworks approaches for model collaboration
” Ability to follow team coordination discussion and display relevant model content/views
” Will speak up in a room to draw attention to issues and solutions
” Ability to help team members with parametric modeling strategies in Revit
” Manage and support the creation of Project-driven Level of Development (LoD) criteria based on needs
” Basic experience with hiring outside vendors, and preparation of professional bid packages
” Exposure to contract administration process (contacts, professional fees)

Preferred Qualifications Strong knowledge of the design, engineering and construction industry working on complex projects that require very unique and in-depth multi-trade sophisticated coordination
” Advanced skills in navigating Navisworks model quickly in a front of large group (section tool, walk, rotate)
” Proven working knowledge of scope management, schedule and budget conformance and quality assurance
” Collaborative skills toward effective partnership in a highly creative design process and a fast-paced project development environment
” Advanced level in integration and support of project collaboration software such as Autodesk Navisworks, and Autodesk BIM 360: Glue with ability to lead and manage complex modeling and coordination processes; technical understanding of various types of design and construction projects, typical systems, complex systems, building coordination and trade sequencing;
” Strong knowledge of model element qualification/estimation, field measurement/modeling technologies such as laser scanning
Required Education Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience

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