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5 Good Reasons to Hire Temporary Workers at Your Company

As many as 15 to 20 million jobs are filled by temp workers at any given time in the US. And long gone are the days when temps only held entry-level and highly generalized positions; today, they perform even the most specialized jobs and take on executive-level roles...

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Facts About and Solutions for the Dreaded Double-Submittal

You’re getting dozens of recruiter calls, and they all want you. You’re happy. They’re happy. Your resume is in front of multiple clients for multiple jobs. Then you get another call from the recruiter that goes like this…. “Sorry X, the hiring manager rejected your...

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Millennials: The Good, The Bad, and The Inevitable

The millennial generation is fast approaching the top of the list for the American workforce over Generation X and Baby Boomers. Like it or not, millennials and their nuances will shift the global workforce as we know it with their new ideas and an overall lack of...

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Don’t be the fruitcake of the interview this holiday season

The holidays are a fantastic time to revitalize your business. As the year comes to a close companies are evaluating their needs and areas for growth, and skilled professionals are considering their future goals for the year ahead. With a surplus of charitable events...

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Understanding your corporate culture is key in staffing

How many times have you heard how the corporate employees at Apple are secretive? Or the Google personnel can bring their dogs to work and Microsoft employees are laid back? These well-known companies have labored to create corporate cultures in their organization and...

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How to Evaluate Personal Characteristics When Hiring

Source: Gary SwartSource: Gary Swart Last week, I wrote about how personal characteristics were the biggest predictor of whether a potential hire would succeed, even over skills and knowledge. Many of you commented and rightly asked, “how do you evaluate that?” While...

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