Acing Your Interview

Can you handle the truth?

Do you want the best possible chance of getting “the job”? Let’s start with a truthful resume. And in particular, let’s start with your Education. Past candidates have lost out on interviews and even job offers after it was discovered that they falsified their...

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Laws ban ‘What’s your salary?’ question in interviews

Source: Laws ban ‘What’s your salary?’ question in interviews It’s that job interview question you’d love to dodge: What’s your current, or most recent, salary? A low figure could limit your starting pay. A high number might make you seem expensive. Now, several...

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Is the Traditional Resumé Passe?

In a world where technology seems to be dominating over traditional elements of our lives, such as the way we get our news and how we read our favorite books, it seems as though paper resumes will eventually disappear too. With the individual’s digital footprint on...

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Your Social Media Résumé

Nowadays, your online persona is your résumé. With online job sites and professional networks such as LinkedIn, it is important to make sure routinely that your information is accurate and up-to-date. It helps to make a social media checklist so that you can ensure...

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How to Interview Your Hiring Manager

Software Resources has been matching best-in-class IT candidates with technology-centric clients for more than 20 years. While our job listings offer clear and detailed job descriptions, duties and requirements, we find that candidates often do not prepare for the job...

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